The Warnez family has been involved in the potato industry since 1950. In addition to our commitment, we continue to apply ourselves to innovation. This allows us to continue to be a leading potato packaging company that can guarantee top quality. At Warnez experience and know-how have been passed on down through the family for generations. All of this helps to make Warnez such a successful family business.


Firmin Warnez and his wife Paula Bekaert establish a wholesale trade in potatoes on Bedevaartstraat, focussing on export in particular.


Initiation of washing and small packaging of potatoes. Part own production/part delivery of seed-potatoes.


2nd generation: Filip and Jan Warnez


New business in industrial area Tielt-Zuid (Marialoopsesteenweg). At the old location: establishment of AVEVE garden centre


Establishment of TAT: own transport. Construction of various storage warehouses and cold storages near the company. Participation in a potato cooperative. Intense selection of the suppliers and cultivation areas.


Establishment of 2nd packing station, a spin-off for the packaging of quality products (Pomtaste and Pomvit, small packaging).


Establishment of peeling company in Fleurus: POMFRESH


Transition year: Almost the entire company is revamped (new building, optimization of process flows, centralisation of activities)


Separate packing station for BIO potatoes