Quality at all levels

At Warnez, quality is in our nature.
Everyday, Warnez is passionately engaged in the careful selection and packaging of the most tasteful potato varieties for the fresh market.


“Get potatoed”:

We present our potatoes with pride, knowing that during the growing season we have done everything we could to select the best soil, follow the best cultivation techniques (fertilizer, irrigation, crop protection, etc.) and to ensure residue-free cultivation and ideal storage. We can offer the perfect table potato this way.

Strict checks, consisting of 5 steps, ensure that we can continue to guarantee this quality.



Warnez carefully chooses from tasty potato varieties that have already been selected by a team of experts. This is followed by a careful selection of both high-quality seed-potatoes, as well as that of growers and fields. The basis of a quality product is the proper rotation of crops.



After the potatoes have been harvested by the growers, Warnez follows up on the storage.  (The evolution of each lot, temperature checks during storage, etc.)



When the potatoes arrive at Warnez, they are subjected to another check: the "reception check". This means that the potatoes are checked and sorted on the basis of appearance, but we also measure the starch content and carry out further tests in our laboratory.

After this, the potatoes are subjected to yet another "process check". This check evaluates all of the effects of our process: proper cleaning, sorting by size, aging check, etc.

Lots are checked up to 3x, both optically and manually, in order to arrive at a perfect result.

Then our internal laboratory does more storage and quality tests.



Our packing stations package the potatoes in a variety of quality wrappings. For the most part, these are for private labels, but also for our own brands: GET POTATOED & POMVIT. Nothing is left to chance: weight checks, label checks, adjusting our machines to perfection – all of which contribute to delivering a perfect package.



The packaged potatoes are collected on pallets. These are given a traceable code, so that the right product is delivered to the customer and Warnez always knows where the potatoes are.

Warnez's experienced drivers then bring them to their destinations. Once in the store, the consumer can choose from a large variety of quality potatoes. Bon appetit!