The many benefits of the potato

In the past, the potato was seen as truffles from the earth, we see for the potato a future where it is once again considered a healthy and tasteful product of ours!

If the potato were to be discovered today, it would be described as SUPERFOOD.

*Potatoes are a source of:

• Vitamin B6, which contributes to a normal cysteine synthesis and a normal energy-yielding metabolism

• Potassium, which contributes to normal muscular and neurological function
• Vitamine C
• Fibres

Potatoes are very low in sodium/salt. Reducing sodium consumption contributes to maintaining normal blood pressure.

The potato does not contain:

• Cholesterol
• Fat
• Gluten

Few calories and carbohydrates compared to other classic meal accompaniments




Lower ecological footprint

Greenhouse gas emissions

Water consumption

The potato=

Less fats & carbohydrates
Less greenhouse gas emissions
Less water consumption

In short, the potato is an extremely nutritious, vegetable, healthy and environmentally friendly product!

Perfect for every kitchen.